Herbal Incense

Herbal Incense

Herbs. Natures natural medicine. 

Incense is the easiest thing to make once you have got the basics down. Incense is also very personnel and to everybody’s own likes and dislikes of aroma. You can make them for yourself just to make your room smell nice. However if you are going to be using them for magical purposes, although it is good for them to smell nice, it is the spell that you want to work. So smelling nice isn’t always the key here.

For magic incense, we need to make sure it is set with the ‘right Intention’ and to use the right herbs. I also like to make and burn these on a full moon and preferably over the Full Moon Ceremony with a fire in the garden.

Angela also runs Herbal Incense courses. Facebook Page


Angela creates mixes of herb packs.
Great for burning, clearing, removing stagnant energy, removal of unwanted energies.
Cleansing you, your home.
Great to throw on an open fire in the garden and set your intentions.
Please consult Angela with your requirements 

 +44 07887490203



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