Spellwork consists of a consultation by Angela via email angelabarkertarot@yahoo.co.uk or telephone +44 07887490203 to discuss the issues that you have and to decide what would be needed for this spell.
Protection, jinx breaking, healing and so on. Spells can take anywhere up to a month to complete. Some spells will be sent to you to finish off, as some spells will need your energy.


Spellwork costs £40 and will be designed for the individual issue/problem.
Various things will be included into a spell e.g. herbs, parchments, candles and crystals. Some will include moon water or crystal elixirs. It all depends on what is needed.
I will not do any spells that could cause harm or interfere with someone’s willpower. We will be able to do love spells that attract love but not to make someone specific fall in love with you, as this is against someone’s will power.
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